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it service updates

this page contains advice pertaining to all it-related scheduled and unscheduled interruptions to systems/services.

scheduled routine service interruptions


various services may include:

  • file shares - corporate shared drives and home drives
  • email/calendar
  • corporate applications
  • university website
  • printing services
  • internet access
  • wi-fi access
regular maintenance window

thursdays 6:30am to 8:00am;


thursdays 10:00pm to fridays 3:00am

ditm notification regarding wifi certificate update

as a part of our regular maintenance the wifi certificates have recently been renewed. this may cause your wifi connection on your phone or laptop to have issues connecting. to overcome this issue simply turn off wifi and turn it back on.

if you are using a windows device which is configured to auto-connect, you may need to disable the auto-connect and connect once to get the certificate update, then re-enable to auto-connection.

unscheduled service interruptions

there are currently no unscheduled outages. all services are operational.